Total Ticket Price Calculator

Think hub airports are always cheaper? Try our Total Ticket Price calculator and think again! The price of your airline ticket isn’t the only thing to consider when flying: it can cost you a lot in time, gas, and higher parking rates to use a big airport.

The demo calculator below uses data for San Luis Obispo Airport (SBP), a regional airport on the central coast of California. Large hubs in driving distance include SFO and LAX.

Address Driving From

Enter your address to calculate the value of your drive

Time Value

Calculate the value of your time to travel to another airport



Number of days you will park at the airport


Enter your airfare cost at each airport


Annual Salary:

Number of days you will park:


Fly Local. Save Money.

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Total Ticket Price Calculator

Designed especially for airports that lose passengers to nearby large hubs, our calculator will help demonstrate to passengers that while local airports may offer higher airfares, that doesn’t mean it’s always cheaper to spend hours driving to a hub airport.

Real-time Airfare Data

Aerovine’s Total Ticket Price Calculator is different than others on the market. We use a real-time airfare API, making it easy for passengers to search for ticket prices directly in the calculator—as opposed to leaving your website, finding airfare costs elsewhere, and then returning to use the calculator. The simplicity of the Total Ticket Price Calculator makes the user experience instantaneous and effective.

If the airport desires, a booking engine can be linked to our cost calculator to encourage passengers to book their travel directly through the airport’s website.


Aerovine understands that every airport is a little bit different. Our calculator can be completely customized to match the airport’s brand and collect the data that matters most to your airport.


Another key difference in our calculator is data collection. All data entered into the airport’s calculator is stored on a secure database. Aerovine can provide quarterly reports that detail the information being collected. This data has assisted many airports in their air service development efforts.


Engage with your users. An optional email address field can be added to your calculator and linked directly to the airport’s email marketing platforms, such as Constant Contact or Mailchimp. 

Our Total Ticket Price Calculator will make a great addition to your airport’s website. Contact us today to take the next steps in educating your community and converting hub flyers to local flyers.

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