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Your website is an important part of your company. Websites are not digital assets that you can just build and forget. There are multiple layers of technology that work together and need to be maintained and checked on a weekly basis. If no one is monitoring your site, installing security updates, routinely backing it up, cleaning the database, and checking performance issues your website is at risk of becoming hacked, unstable, and creating a bad impression of your company to your visitors. Our Website Care Plans help site owners stay on top of updates and other maintenance tasks, and to avoid unexpected repair costs. Your website will always be running in tip top shape.

Just like your car needs to be maintained in order to run properly, so does your website. You might even want to make some improvements or upgrades along the way. It is important to regularly check on the health of your website. This will ensure you are successful online.

Our website care plans are designed to fit the unique needs of your airport or organization. The Aerovine team provides 24/7 website monitoring and support. Content update hours can be purchased at a discounted rate and included in a maintenance plan.

A few items our clients usually include in their customized maintenance plans are:

  • Nightly backups with free restoration;
  • Weekly plugin and core software updates;
  • Daily security checks and monitoring;
  • Comment monitoring and spam removal;
  • Analytic and maintenance reports;
  • Up-time monitoring;
  • Broken link checks;
  • Database cleanup;
  • Basic content updates; and
  • Search engine optimization.

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